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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Scream 4

A horror franchise getting a sequel, yes yes we've been here before. Saw has been dominating the Halloween cinema box office for the past few years, how many squeals are we up to with that again? - 7 right? I must admit a certain likeness for the Scream series and the fact that this sequel comes a decade after the last gives it some validity unlike the mere 12 month gap for other horror sequel's.

I might have been me but the plot caught me off guard, by the end of it I think I had just managed to get my head around the "stabathon" films concept. My defence is that most of the horror sequels allow the viewer to take a short nap between scenes and still feel totally capable of writing a review.

The Scream series can be cited as the father of slasher films and should be admired. However does a fourth film add anything to the series? not really, yet its not altogether pointless, at least it gives the cast the chance to make up to date references (the video blogs being a cornerstone of the plot)

Someone should have told Wes Craven to put the three original films in a pretty new dvd boxset to up his cash fund instead, just because a decade has gone by does not mean classics should be wheeled out of retirement.

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