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Wednesday, 31 August 2011


I forget what made me add this to my rental list, but the sci-fi sexual awakening became available last week. So on my return from the Reading festival, Kaboom was the film that broke my LoveFilm hiatus.

Kaboom is a surreal sex infested film, which even without the wiki research could be cited as both "underground" and low budget. (I'm a few sentences in and I'm struggling)The film is about the life of a 19 year old Smith and his new life at college, if that wasn't enough to contend with everyone seems to be having strange experiences and some kind of magical powers. The plot and the sci-fi element feels a bit all over the place and its not until the last 10 minutes that it begins to be a little less hazy (Yet you still get left wondering what was the point)

Five minutes in I turned to my girlfriend and stated how Kaboom should be placed between American Pie and Brokeback Mountain in anyone's generic film library. (I would be very intrigued to meet the owner of those three films) The most memorable moment or should that be surreal, who knows - Is when Smith walks in on his flat mate exercising naked in the belief that after three weeks he will be able to suck his own cock.

Kaboom isn't awful and if you find yourself watching it be thankful at its just under 90 minute running time.

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