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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Blood Diamond

"Archer although not the villain he becomes increasingly dislikeable throughout"

On this trip down blog memory lane like the blog posts themselves we go back in time to 2006 to watch political thriller Blood Diamond. The film sold on the real life Sierra Leone Civil War in 1996-2001 the horrific tale captures the emotional audience that embraced such films as Hotel Rwanda and Shooting Dogs. Before giving away little to no spoilers I urge anyway that slipped into a film comma in 2006 to see this, but if you are like me remember to bring a box of tissues. 

The film centres on Leonardo DiCaprio as Daniel "Danny" Archer and his quest to track the huge diamond found in the diamond mines by Solomon Vandy played by Djimon Hounsou. Archer although not the villain he becomes increasingly dislikeable throughout as his greed submerges Vandy's seeking of his family and the love for his son. Jennifer Connelly fills in the love interest role as she falls for Archer and helps them find their way through a barrage of fire from the rebels. Connelly playing journalist Maddy Bowen is a refreshing change compared to the love drowned characters Hollywood pushes on to us, her and Archer bond through diversity and fear of their circumstances. 

Blood Diamond isn't the shortest film in the world but I forget at some point at its two hour plus running time, at key scenes it was difficult not to feel the pull of emotions. The love Solomon shows for his son is moving and his central to the whole film. 

You have to see this.