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Friday, 2 September 2011

Joan Rivers - A piece of work

Looking at any review of the Joan Rivers documentary you will find an endless list of superlatives, it deserves everyone but this review and blog in general is not about the obvious. You'll quickly learn from the outset that Joan Rivers is the ultimate professional and has a work ethic of a super human comedy machine. I always thought Rivers was hard faced and foul mouthed I'm not wrong really but what comes across is a woman that has fought gender inequality and heartbreak in her life and still performed at the very top for years and years. The clip in the doc when Joan goes through her flies of jokes that she has collected over the years and kept is a very touching moment, for so many reasons, it's an honest opening into her mind.The film is full of honesty and this is no more apparent than when Rivers talks about her acting and states after the "failure" of her play to impress the critics in London "You can say you don't like me as a comedian but saying you don't like me as an actress....that just kills me" "When your hot your hot" - The highs and lows Joan Rivers has ridden in her career are amazing, losing her husband and by the end parting with her oldest friend. It's genuinely touching when she admits how now she has nobody to talk about the old day with "You remember way back when?...." Okay I'm finding it difficult not to litter this review with words such as touching, moving, ambitious etc - It is all these and more, think you know Joan Rivers? trust me you haven't got a clue until you've watched this doc.

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